Enhancing design activity and review experience through hybridizing desktop and virtual environments

Hwan Kimco-FA, Taeha Yico-FA, Hyoung-June Park, and Kyung Hoon Hyun
Journal of Interior Design [Early View_Online; In-press]
 A&HCI  (Architecture)

Predicting museum visitors’ artwork preference through deep learning

Taeha Yico-FA, Hwan Kimco-FA, and Ji-Hyun Lee
Archives of Design Research [In-press]
 Scopus  (Computer Science, Computer-Aided Design)

The influence of visitor-based social contextual information on visitors’ museum experience

Taeha Yi, Hao-Yun Lee, Joosun Yum, and Ji-Hyun Lee
Plos One, 17(5): e0266856
 SCIE  (Multidisciplinary Sciences, IF=3.752)

Identifying museum visitors via social network analysis of Instagram

Mi Chang, Taeha Yi, Sukjoo Hong, Po Yan Lai, Ji Young Jun, and Ji-Hyun Lee
ACM Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, 15(3)
 SCIE  (Computer Science & Interdisciplinary, IF=2.047)


Use of eye-tracking in artworks to understand information needs of visitors

Taeha Yi, Mi Chang, Sukjoo Hong, and Ji-Hyun Lee
International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 37(3)
 SCIE  (Computer Science & Cybernetics, IF=4.920)

Visitor-artwork network analysis using object detection with image-retrieval technique

Sukjoo Hong, Taeha Yi, Joosun Yum, and Ji-Hyun Lee
Advanced Engineering Informatics, 48
 SCIE  (Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence, IF=7.862)

여행을 한눈에 나만의 대한민국 구석구석

Mi Chang, Taeha Yi, Ji Young Jun, Juhyun Lee
2021 디지털 정부 서비스 디자인(UI/UX) 개선 제안 공모전
 국무총리상  (행정안전부, 한국지능정보사회진흥원)

Collective Intelligence Case-Based Reasoning System and its method for user-customized recommendation

사용자 맞춤형 추천을 위한 집단지성형 사례기반추론 시스템 및 그 방법
 특허(등록)  (10-222-97680000)