A Study on Understanding of Visitor Needs in Art Museum: Based on Analysis of Visual Perception Through Eye-Tracking

 Conference Paper  2020 / International Conference on Intelligent Human Systems Integration
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1131)
Taeha Yi, Mi Chang, Sukjoo Hong, Meereh Kim and Ji-Hyun Lee


1. Understanding the museum experience through analysis of visitor attention
2. Tracking and observing the detailed experience of visitors from entering to leaving the exhibition hall


This study aims to examine the art museum experience of visitors in detail through eye tracking in the aspect of the visitor-centered approach, which is important in the contemporary art museum. To achieve this goal, we conducted the eye-tracking experiment and in-depth interview to grasp the interest and needs of visitors. We suggest the possibility of deriving their interests and needs by studying the gaze data (e.g. duration and the number of fixations) of the visitors in the museum.

Fig.  Result of eye-tracking analysis (left: Fixation counts; right: Fixation duration)