Service design of intergeneration home-sharing system using VR-based simulation technology and optimal matching algorithms

 International Conference  2017 / Human-Computer Interaction International (HCII 2017)
Taeha Yi, Jimin Rhim, Injung Lee, Amartuvshin Narangerel, and Ji-Hyun Lee
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS,volume 714)


1. Service design for interactive home-sharing system 
2. Suggest an integrative solution to support optimal matching and simulate using VR technology


Services that allow Share house between elders and young adults are becoming more prevalent to fulfill various needs for different stakeholders. However, various difficulties among the residents who are strangers from different generations are likely to occur. Research aim is to solve this social phenomenon by applying interdisciplinary total design solution. This research suggests an integrative solution to support optimal matching of cohabitants by developing matching algorithm and then implementing spatial mapping and simulation system using VR technology. Service blueprint that represents total service design solution for seamless user experience is suggested. Our system has the potential for industrialization and field application through service packaging.